VNeck Media, Inc.
Video Creation. New York + Boston + Los Angeles



Telling your story and telling it well.. To do that, we have worked hard to put together a team of talented ideamen and craftsmen to realize your vision fully with no compromise. The perfect combination of visuals, effects, and sound will hit your audience in both the head and the heart and inspire a lasting connection. Let’s find the heart of your story and tell it together.


Creative Services & Story Writing

VNeck Media's award-winning specialists with a brain arsenal of creative ideas to come up with the best approach to tell your brands story to your audience. Working together with you on multiple level marketing and distribution strategies. 


Production/Post Production

Our New York and Massachusetts in-house crews make each stage of the production as painless as possible. We’ll guide you from the initial idea through pre-production, filming, and post-production. We also compose original music, develop folly (sound effects) and produce stellar narration and voice over. 


CGI & VFX Compositing

Your project calls for illustrated or cgi animation videos. VNeck's in-house animation teams provide agency level workflows and results. We’ve got you covered: compositing, tracking, plate cleanup, rotoscoping, camera projection, keying, texturing, photo stitching, editing, and image manipulation.